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When Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) was travelling on the road with his cousin, Al-Fadl ibn Abbas, a woman stopped him to ask him a question.  The woman was very beautiful, and Al-Fadl couldn’t help but stare at her.

Seeing this, Prophet Muhammad reached out his hand and turned his cousin’s face away.

He didn’t tell the woman to cover her face.

He didn’t tell her to change her clothing.

He didn’t tell her that her appearance was too tempting or indecent.

He averted his cousin’s impolite stare.

”Would you rather f**k a goat or not f**k a goat but everybody thinks you did?” [x]

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Andy Warhol and Joe Strummer


Andy Warhol and Joe Strummer


Colors of Landmannalaugar

Gregor Samsa


everyone who thinks im cute because theyve seen my selfies online have got a nother thing coming tbh lol……………. cameras cannot pick up how beautiful i am in real life


When in doubt eat her out


Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

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Girl: Come over

Me: Im an AP student, and I take many AP classes

Girl: My parents arent home

Me: AP stands for advanced placement. These are college level courses that you can take in high school. Typically they are more demanding than regular classes and thus you are often given a higher workload. However, the benefits are far reaching. Consider taking some AP courses during high school for a chance to earn college credit


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